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image: NSSA logoNSSA Gulf Coast Division

Despite strong offshore winds and cold temps, the second NSSA contest of this season was right on. Contestants enjoyed some of the best contest surf this part of the Gulf has seen in recent years. The waves were solid all the way to dark so hopefully you got to catch a session. Check out the pics...

image: NSSA surfers gettin' ready for a heatWe plan to be out there documenting contestants (and some non-contestants) during each event. You can sign up at Innerlight Surf Shops. Hope to see you there...and more importantly, let's hope for great more surf this winter!!

  1. November 26, 2005 - VIEW PICTURES - Knee to thigh high, on-shore winds
  2. Febuary 11, 2006 - VIEW PICTURES - waist to chest+, offshore winds, clearing skies

CLICK HERE to download the NSSA Gulf Coast Newsletter.

image: big clean wave, outside Pensacola PierNew Year, Great Start - Winter surf on the Gulf Coast

It's February and we're already seeing Spring-like surf conditions in Pensacola. won't last forever, but for those who are makin' it out...YOUR STOKED!

For those who missed's a little taste:

image: pier, red flag, big wave, cloudsHome for the Holidays!

Local surfers tuned and tweaked thanks to a record tropcial season in the Gulf continued to enjoy fairly consistent and quality waves into the holidays when the winter cold fronts really got dependable.

Check out some pics of a few December days...

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