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Early Season Storm Swell Pictures

image: Ben Long goin' big with a clean double rail grab air before Tropical Storm Alberto makes landfallAn early tropical storm swell was just what we needed to break the monotony of the summertime flatness.

The entire Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi Gulf Coast was lucky enough to get some perfect long range ground swells from the recent Gulf storm activity...let's just hope this is a good sign for the rest of what has been forecast to be an 'active' year of storms in our area. For now, enjoy the pictures...

image: Justin Donovan gettin' in-and-out of a pretty backhanderWhat a spring it was!

With temperatures in the 70's and 80's, onshore seabreezes, and people populating the beaches in masses we knew something had to be happening, and then we figured it out...oh yeah, it's SPRING BREAK!!

After a short flat spell with some dribbly little days we're finally back in the swing of things with some solid surf. Here's a little taste of what we've been getting:


Intelligent discussion with other 3rd Coasters

logo: Gulf Surf Forum...well maybe that's not exactly accurate, but it is great to see such a successful discussion forum for-and-by Gulf Coast surfers. is based on the West Coast of Florida, but represents any and all Gulf-bound rippers. If you haven't already been there you should check it out. Lots of good discussion, a ton of GC surf pics, and great links to other GC sites.

If you end up enjoying yourself there don't forget to let 'em know where you're from and how you got there. It's all about representin' FL's north coast!!

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