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New Angles

image: Mikey Peyton gettin' shacked during break time at work, Pensacola Beach surfing

Part of the effort to spice things up around here is finding some new angles. We've been testing out some new equipment and even swimming out in the lineup to continue to show the Gulf the way we see it. Shooting from the water is going to unleash a whole new breed of surf shots that will rep the Gulf of Mexico like never before. Check out what we mean...

From the land, from the sea, from above...we're putting our cameras anywhere they can fit to get the shots you like to see. Thanks for your ongoing support...all we ask is that you keep on enjoying SideStream and keep on rippin'.


We thought we'd start out the year with a little something different. Here's a few minutes of video from some of the first few hours of 2007...ENJOY!!

image: Ben Long link to sequence

So the tropical storm season crapped out on us this year. I guess that's a pretty good thing consider the beating the Gulf Coasters have taken in recent years. Despite having to stretch out the old wesuits, some of us are really looking forward to a more active season.

image: Greg Smith...early wetsuit season backside slotHere we are getting starting on what will hopefully prove to be a smokin' Winter. It sure has delivered some quality surf so far. Check out the final swell pictures from 2006...


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