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Two more notches in the bed post...

...for Gulf Coast surfers thanks to Tropical Storm Erin and Hurricane Dean. Don't get us wrong, we're sorry that Mexico had to sustain a direct hit and we wish them all the best in their recovery efforts. We know the pain all too well.

On the verge of a near skunking from Dean we did manage to catch a nice pulse through the window between Cuba and the Yucatan Peninsula. There's still plenty of time left in the tropical weather season, but for now enjoy the pics from this year's activity:

I've been holding out

Tired of looking at pictures of Sterling...too bad! The dude rips!!

Anyway, I've been saving these for a while just in case summer was a flat as it could be...and I'm glad I did. Besides, what was I gonna do...put these next to the T.S. Barry pics to get overlooked?! Since we just got another summertime skunkola I thought it would be nice to have something new to look at. The entire month of July came and went with not one surfing photo. Oh well, take a look at these jammers and try to remember what it's like to surf real waves.

Helllooooo Tropical Season!!

image: Chuck Taylor stands his ground in a TS Barry-generated barrel on Pensacola Beach, Gulf Coast, FloridaWelcoming in the hurricane season may rub some people the wrong way, but year after year I can't help being so stoked at the possibility of some solid surf during our otherwise fickle summer season. Gulf Coast wave jammers didn't have to wait long this year...the second day of the season produced some waves we'll be talking about for a while here on the Florida Panhandle.

June 2, 2007 was certainly a day to remember, but we've got a long way to go before we're in the clear and thinking about cold-front related swells again.

11th Annual Matt Martin Memorial

image: photo of the late Matt "Critter" Martin and one of his surfboardsIn true Gulf Coast form the Matt Martin Memorial goes down in choppy waist to chest high surf. Fortunately, Panhandle surfers were ready due to a weeklong windswell that led up to the event. Despite the scheduling difficulties that resulted in the cancellation of last year's event, contestants and spectators were out in numbers to support the cause.

SURF FOR CODY and SURF FOR TOM continues to drive area surfers to join together to have fun and raise money for our local bros, Cody Cobia and Tom Davis. I can't imagine an event anywhere with as much heart as this annual Panhandle tradition.

Check out the pictures to see what I mean...


Paying Our Respects rarely communicated so clearly as in the circle made by your brothers and sisters during a "paddle out". Personally I've never seen such an honorable remembrance as I did on Saturday, May 26, 2007 for David Bogan. Obviously, I was in the company of many in thinking that he was a great surfer and a great person.

Even a quick look at the photos from his paddle out evoke a feeling of joy for having the opportunity to know David and the great guy that he was.

Your inspiration lives on in many of us. Rest In Peace, brother.

We've found the cure!

Are you tired of long flatspells and crappy windswells? Is your boyfriend or girlfriend getting malnourished from surf starvation? Do you find yourself wanting to drink a lot of beer and play with fireworks just for something to do? Well, like many Florida (and beyond) surfers before us we decided to seek out a better way to cope with summertime on the Gulf. A visit to the black sand shores of Costa Rica was the shot we needed to cure our ailment. Here's a little look at how it helped us...and perhaps what you could expect if you made the trek for yourself.

Check out Mikey Peyton and Graham Wade as they search and destroy on the Pacific...

Load your boardbags, hit the shop for a pile wax and ding repair supplies, grab a rashguard and tons of sunscreen...oh, and don't forget your fin key! It worked for us and we know it'll work for you too. Maybe even bring a couple disposable water cameras and bring back some photos to make your bros jealous (and memories to keep you from relapsing later in the summer).

Waterboyz surf & skim contest product toss from the judge's boothWaterboyz Spring Surf & Skim Jam

Big shouts out on a solid Gulf Coast surf contest! Waterboyz Surf Skate & Skim put on a quality contest in Navarre Beach on March 31, 2007. Though the Innerlight Surf Team took the money spots in the Men's Shortboard Division, a good time was had by all. Spectators, contestants, and random beach-goers all enjoyed hot surfing action, free product tosses, and the killer weather for the event. Check out some choice pics of the action...

Great job by Waterboyz Surf Skate & Skim, Christian Surfers, Emeralds from the Sea, Navarre Beach, and everyone who came out to enjoy the event!

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